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Introducing The Cork Yoga Block

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Cork Yoga Block with plant and white background

When I first started practising yoga, I was reluctant to use any props. I considered them unnecessary - using them proved that I couldn’t move into the asana by myself. I admit, I didn’t think using a block was a good look.

Ah, the ego. Powerful, isn't it?

Fast forward a decade and I now regard a yoga block as a welcome aid; it offers relief and extension, allowing me to comfortably and safely move deeper into my practice. And, on days when my body is tired and sore, I reach for my block because I know I need its support.

Regardless of how many weeks or months pass between studio visits to ashtanga classes, my body remembers the sequence. It’s incredibly comforting to feel myself respond to the poses... to rediscover my breath and, ultimately, rediscover the asana.

In the past few months I have returned to a regular class and it’s there that I spend an hour on me; breathing, moving, being. I move through my practice with abundant gratitude for the space and the time to do so. But sometimes there are moments of regret and disappointment.

Yoga Teacher stretching with cork yoga block

Enter the cork yoga block. I’ve found myself reaching for it at every opportunity. It allows me to deepen my practice; I twist a little further and stretch with more ease. Ultimately, the block encourages me to practice without straining and damaging my body - it’s a gentle reminder that my body is not what is used to be and that’s okay.

Our new cork yoga block is firm yet smooth - a comfortable and supportive addition to your home or studio practice. Like our yoga mats we wanted to provide an eco friendly alternative to support our yogis' and yoginis' yoga practice. The cork provides a comfortable but firm grip, not found in foam blocks. Cork blocks are not new in the market but they are dearer and often overlooked in favour of foam. We wanted to add this beautiful product to our collection.

Yoga blocks allow you to open your body - to create space. They are for everybody at every stage of yoga - they can assist those who can’t reach their toes and, on the flipside, they can deepen the asana for those at an advanced level. We highly recommend adding one to your yoga kit today.

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